Teeth Whitening Resin Gum Protection Gel Gingival Barrier

Gingival barrier is used to protect gums and oral soft tissue from bleach stimulation during dental whitening treatment. Using gingival barrier can effectively protect gums. Dental dam widely used in bleaching teeth techniques.

Product Details

In dental barrier, because rubber dam liquid is liquid, it can be easily used in the details of teeth, and this dental isolation techniques has been used in cosmetic dentistry,especially for teeth bleaching.

Teeth Whitening Resin Gum Protection Gel Gingival Barrier

Gingival barrier can be applied on the details of the teeth through a fine needle to effectively prevent the stimulation of the gum by hydrogen peroxide whitening gel in the course of whitening teeth, and it is easy to form a strong dental barrier. under the irradiation of a light curing lamp. After tooth whitening, gingival barrier is removed and the fragment residue is very little, so it is effective to avoid the complexity of follow-up treatment.

Product Specification

Volume:1.5ml & 3ml
Color:Blue gel
Function:Protect your gum and moisten your gum during the whitening system
Shelf life:2 years
Storage:keep in 0-30 Degree Celsius and avoid the sunshine

Teeth Whitening Resin Gum Protection Gel Gingival Barrier

Using Steps

1. Open your mouth.

2. Open the cap of the syringe, hold it and squeeze, paste the gel on the surface of the gum, it's about 2-4mm thickness and 3-6mm width. squeeze it well.

3. Use LED machine lighting about 40 seconds.

4. Start the whitening process.

5. Rinse out after the whitening process


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Product Recommend

Teeth Whitening Resin Gum Protection Gel Gingival BarrierTeeth Whitening Resin Gum Protection Gel Gingival Barrier

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