Hard Bristle Bamboo Toothbrush

The stylish appearance, close to the natural atmosphere, to meet the needs of high quality of life, made of natural organic materials, health and environmental protection, is a home, hotel, motel, travel essentials.

Product Description

Texture modeling, natural fashion, enhance home taste, many European and American celebrity favorites. 

Hard Bristle Bamboo Toothbrush

1. The toothbrush is made of natural material bamboo. Fine bamboo charcoal bristles absorb dental stains, fresh breath, intimate contact with nature

2. Low-carbon, environmentally friendly, ergonomic handles for a more comfortable user experience

3. Individual packaging is more hygienic and portable

4. Support private brand customization

Toothbrush handles and toothbrush boxes have a lot of customers. Private custom is very popular in the market. Unique products have a market, so we start together for your business.

In combination with toothpaste and tooth powder containing our bamboo charcoal ingredients, the effect is even more pronounced and home happiness improved.

Something You Need to Know

Bamboo charcoal is a kind of charcoal made of high-grade bamboo of three years or more and fired at a high temperature of nearly one thousand degrees. Bamboo charcoal has a loose porous structure, its molecules are dense and porous, and its texture is hard. Has a strong adsorption capacity, can purify the air, eliminate odor, moisture absorption mold, antibacterial deworming. Contact with the human body can dehumidify and absorb sweat, promote human blood circulation and metabolism, relieve fatigue.

Bamboo occupies an important position in the hearts of the Chinese people. This is because its stalks are tall and straight, and its leaves are plentiful and varied. It is evergreen, graceful, unique and full of flavor. When people have a leisurely stroll between the green bamboos, an infinite comfort and comfort will arise spontaneously.

Sample & OEM Policy

1. Free samples will be offered for your test use.

* FREE Samples available to qualified businesses only. Please pay Shipping & Handling.

2. We can provide customized package and OEM for the products.

We have professional designer who can make the artwork for the customized package.

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