Huaer Hot Sale New Products Portable Dental Unit

Huaer Hot Sale New Products Portable Dental Unit is designed to go wherever you need to be and it is also a direct supply model, with no gas tank. Its gas source is clean and stable, and it is unnecessary for Dewatering that working whit the traditional compressor. The operation is simple and convenient, can also achieve High/Low mobile required working pressure.

Product Description

Huaer Hot Sale New Products Portable Dental Unit

Thank you so much for choosing the portable dental therapeutic apparatus produced by our company. 

It is a multi-purpose, energy-saving, mechatronics product carefully developed by our company in combination with dental clinical experiences. 

The utility model has the advantages of small size, easy to carry, beautiful features, electricity-saving, simple maintenance, safety and durability. 

It is mainly used in oral health treatment in clinics and hospitals. 

The product is built with an oil-free air compressor to provide a stable and clean gas source for high and low-speed turbine handpieces. 

The gas flows from the air tank to the solenoid valve. 

With the foot pedal switch controlling the closing of the solenoid valve to achieve the purpose of controlling the high and low-speed handpieces. 

The clear water bottle adjusts the air pressure from the air compressor by means of the pressure-reducing valve,to provide the three-way syringe and the handpieces with the water source. 

The built-in transformer provides a stable and safe low-voltage power supply for handpieces. 

The suction system adopts the internationally advanced fully closed internal circulation mode to supply you a continuous and strong suction. 

The product is portable, easy to operate and maintain, and are very popular among dentists. Conveydent® is worthy of your trust.

Product Details

Huaer Hot Sale New Products Portable Dental Unit

Electric parameter

ModelVoltageUnit Dimension /Packing sizeN.W/G.W
HR-DP14230V 50 Hz/110V 60HZ43*30*57CM/49.5*37*70CM25.5G/34.1KG
HR-DP15230V 50 Hz/110V 60HZ43*30*57CM/49.5*37*70CM26KG/34.6KG

Huaer Hot Sale New Products Portable Dental Unit

Huaer Hot Sale New Products Portable Dental Unit

Huaer Hot Sale New Products Portable Dental Unit

Air supply

The air supply is from built-in air compressor with clean and dry air. ( air pressure : 0.5mpa).


Water supply

It’s equipped with a 1000 ML water container for water supply. Please replenish water into the container as it’s not enough for treatment. 

The packaging materials used in this product are all considered for the environment and can be recycled 100%. 

This product does not include sewage treatment devices. Waste generated during the use process is handled by the user in a suitable place such as a clinic or hospital so that it can be cleaned and cleaned in a timely manner.

1. Suction2 3-way syringe3 High-Speed Handpiece Hose
1. Saliva Container5 Air/water Switch6 Air regulator for handpiece & scaler
7 Power regulator for Scaler8 Scaler Handpiece9 Light Curing Light
1. Low-Speed handpiece Hose11 Air Gauge12 Clean Water Container
13 Water Regulator for Handpiece & Scaler14 On/Off Switch for Suction15 High Speed & Low-Speed Commutator
16  Instrument Holders17 Foot Pedal18 Power Switch
19 Power Outlet

Huaer Hot Sale New Products Portable Dental Unit

Working requirement to temperature

Working temperature: 5-40℃

Relative humidity:≤80%


Standard Configuration

Imported 4 hole/2 hole handpiece hose2 pieces
3-way syringes1 piece
Clean water container1 piece
Saliva container1 piece
Oil-free compressor1 set
LED Woodpecker Ultrasonic Scaler1 set
LED Curing Light1 set
3-way syringe1 piece
Suction1 piece

Packing List

1. HR-DP15 unit1 set
2. Power Cord1 piece
3. User Manual1 piece
4. Scaler Accessories (5 tips, 1 wrench, 2 pcs fuse )  1 pack
5. Light curing accessories1 pack
6. Unit Fuse2 pieces

Packaging & Shipping

Huaer Hot Sale New Products Portable Dental Unit


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