Mobile Salon Kit With Teeth Whitening Pen

The Mobile Salon Kit With Teeth Whitening Pen is safe and easy to use. Main ingredients of the pen gel is FDA-approved with little to no Sensitivity which can ensure enamel safe. We can supply all the mobile teeth whitening products and supplies that you need for your mobile teeth whitening business. Our professional salon products are used to ensure you get the the absolute best whitening results leaving you with gorgeous, healthy and bright teeth.

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Mobile Salon Kit With Teeth Whitening Pen

Product Specification

Professional teeth whitening kit  used together with teeth whitening lamp, one set kit can be used for 2-3 customers
Kit includes1x2ml whiteing accelerator spray
2x clear plastic shell teeth whitening pen 2ml, CP
1 x cheek retractor/1x face mask /2x finger wipe/2x VE swab/1x dental bib/foil bag package
Whitening gel strengthperoxide-free, 0.1%-44% cp, 0.1%-35% hp gel available
PackageThick foam & Carton package, your brand package available
Usage1.Spraying the liquid on a finger wipe and then rubbing it all over the teeth2.wear cheek retractor3.the gel from the syringe is applied to teeth. 4.shin by light for 8-15 minutes. The process should be repeated 3 consecutive times for optimal results.
Whitening result30 mins the teeth can improve 5-14 Shade

Advantage of professional teeth whitening kit

1. Non-peroxide teeth whitener

2. No irritation and sensitivity

3. There is a shade guide, so you can keep a record of your teeth

4. High quality

5. Fast delivery

6. Fantastic whitening result

7. Can improve 5-14 shade guide in only 30 min, what is more, the whitening results can last 2-5 years.

Suit for:

* All the people who want a more beautiful smile

* Teeth discoloured by smoking

* Teeth discoloured by coffee

* Teeth discoloured by wine/tea

* Teeth discoloured by medicines such as tetracycline

* Teeth speckled by fluoride in the drinking water

* Genetic yellow teeth or ageing yellow teeth

* Whiten all unknown reason yellow or black teeth


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