Dental Scaler

The dental scaler is equipped with 3 cleaning heads to meet the various needs of oral cleaning. The high-frequency vibration scaler can remove stubborn calculi, intelligent mode.

Product Description

This dental scaler has strong power and comes with strong light, which can illuminate every part of the oral cavity, which is convenient for cleaning teeth; the silicone body has a generous appearance, comfortable feel, easy to operate and convenient to carry; this dental scaler adopts the principle of intelligent high-frequency vibration, Equipped with different professional cleaning heads, it can effectively remove smoke stains, tea stains, and tartar.


The pointed tip is used to clean the tartar in the teeth gaps and the flat tip is used to clean the surface of the teeth. The combination of the two allows you to clean your teeth without leaving home, have a fresh breath and a confident smile.

Dental Scaler


1. Professional alloy metal cleaning head tips with obvious cleaning effect;

2. Three working modes, illuminated body, suitable for different needs;

3. Intelligent high-frequency vibration, effectively remove calculi, etc.;

4. Silicone integrated body design, beautiful and easy Carry;

5. The battery is durable and practical.


【Battery Capacity】300mAh

【Rated voltage】3.7V

【Battery Capacity】300mAh

【Waterproof grade】IPX6

【Charging mode】DC charging

【Product size】199*26*25mm

【certificate】FDA, ROSH, CE


3 cleaning heads


This product is equipped with two metal cleaning heads and a toothbrush head. The pointed cleaning head is mainly used to clean the teeth, and the flat cleaning head is mainly used to clean the tooth surface. According to different needs, choose a suitable cleaning head. 2. Rotate left and right to disassemble and assemble the cleaning head.


1. Use the USB charging cable provided with this product and plug it into the DC charging port (5V/1A) to charge.


2. When charging, the indicator light will flash. When the indicator light is normally illuminated, the charging is over. When using the product, if the indicator light flashes, it proves that the light is insufficient, please charge it in time.


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