Manufacturer Mobile Dental Unit for Sale

In the dental industry for decades, we've studied portable medical devices on the market, and we've finally developed the latest manufacturer mobile dental unit for sale, which has a stronger suction and more robust power system than the therapeutic devices available on the market. Especially during the exhibition, this device has been widely praised by customers, many dealers directly order, especially after the order feedback has been very good.

Product Description

Manufacturer mobile dental unit for sale is the latest generation of portable therapeutic devices developed by our company. The outcasing materials used in the portable devices are all strong and durable aeronautical materials, which is the backup support the power system of the instrument more stady. Equipped with high and low speed dental handpiece tubes, as well as an optional woodpecker scaler, and light curing lamp instruments to meet your use needs, of course, because we are manufacturers, so, if you have other requirements configurations, please tell us that our engineers will meet your requirements as much as possible.


 Manufacturer Mobile Dental Unit for Sale


Manufacturer mobile dental unit is a necessary therapeutic device for dentists. In the current market environment, there are many people who cannot go to the dental clinic for treatment, patients who cannot go out of the door, areas without medical conditions, special areas, Patients who cannot be medically treated. Manufacturer mobile dental unit for sale is free to move and use. And in the case of water outages, it limits the use of dental chairs, a Manufacturer mobile dental unit for sale, as a reserve machine, under the condition of water stoppage, normal treatment is not affected. Therefore, as a dental chair backup machine, usually can be used, special environment can also be used freely for normal treatment.

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Technical Data

Power supply220V /50Hz;110V /60Hz, 550W
Air flow130L/min
Max pressure0.8Mpa

Manufacturer Mobile Dental Unit for Sale

Standard Features

4 hole or 2 hole high quality handpiece hose2 pc (Handpieces are Optional Purchase)
Air/water syringe with autoclavable tip1 pc
High volume suction1 pc
LED curing light with timer (optional)1 pc
Woodpecker Piezo Ultrasonic Scaler (optional)1 pc
Air Compressor1 pc high quality buit-in 550W silent oil-free air compressor
S/S 6 Liter Air Tank1 pc
Water Container1 liter
Waste Container1 liter
Multi-Functional Foot Pedal1 pc
ABS waterproof transported Casing1 set

1. This portable dental unit can be used in many fields. The first and most important thing to use in these fields is that this product should be portable. Most products on the market have this function, but our wheels are the material of aircraft wheels. More durable.

Manufacturer Mobile Dental Unit for Sale

2. Another point is that  you need enough hygienic conditions, you don't want to After a while, it to be dusty, especially if you are volunteer carrying a portable dental machine, who knows the environment of the destination, so there is a shell to protect the internal hygiene and safety, it is very necessary, many products in the market have also done, but our shell is not deformed, long-term transport pressure is no problem, you can go to our YouTube Watch our upload video verification on the video.


Folding portable dental chair

High speed dental handpiece

Low speed dental handpiece

Fiber optic dental handpiece

Manufacturer Mobile Dental Unit for Sale

Order Guide

1. Send enquiry via our website

2. Our sales will reply your enquiry in 24 hours with Professional quotation.

3. Confirm the price, leading time, payment term etc.

4. Huaer sales send the Proforma Invoice with seal.

5. Customer makes the payment for deposit or full payment and send us Bank receipt.

6. Production Stage-Inform the clients that we have got the payment. And will produce according to your request, send you photos to get your approval before shipment.

7. Your goods could be shipped to you as your requirement such as by air or by sea, full way tracking for your cargos offered before the arrival of the goods.

8. Order will be finished when our clients receive the goods and give us feedback.


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