Teeth Whitening Kits Private Logo

Unique double Layer teeth whitening kit private logo makes customers whitening teeth easily. Price is more cost effective and whitening results is amazing( at least improve 4-5 shade guide). All products on the website support teeth whitening wholesale and private labeling, welcome to inquiry and order.


Teeth Whitening Kits Private Logo

3*pcs 3ml teeth whitening gel

1*pc soft teeth whitening mouth tray

1*pc 6 bulbs LED whitening light

1*pc user manual

1*pc high quality box

Teeth Whitening Kits Private Logo

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Product Details

Teeth Whitening Kits Private Logo

As home teeth whitening is becoming more and more popular. Customers prefers to whiten teeth at home rather than in office teeth whitening. What's more, the teeth whitening kits private logo also can be conveniently used at spa, hotel or other outdoor places. Especially in the summer, the bright colors make people very happy, while enjoying the sun, whitening your teeth and becoming a unique person on the beach.


This teeth whitening private logo product has always been very popular in the market. If you are looking for teeth whitening wholesale suppliers, we are your best choice, because our teeth whitening products have always been the best price/performance ratio.Of course, we will supply you best teeth whitening wholesale serivice.

Product Specification

BrandBeautiful Smile or Label Your Brand
CertificationFDA, MSDS, CE Approved
UsageUsed with whitening gel and light together for daily use
Active Result onRemove Stains of smoking, coffee, tea, drink. Whitening Teeth By Daily Use
Active IngredientSodium Chloride / Zero peroxide
Payment TermsPayPal, Western Union, T/T
Deliver TimeUsually 2--3 days Fast Delivery by DHL, FedEx

According to your needs, you can freely choose whether or not put hydrogen peroxide in your teeth whitening products . Of course, you can choose this or other product packaging as your product, we can meet your requirements. In the actual product design, there may be your own ideas, please tell us directly, we will help you achieve your teeth whitening business.


Then there is one point, you can put your own designed logo on the package, or let our designers help you design one for free.

Using Steps

1. Apply gel to mouth trays evenly (0.5ml each for upper and lower tray) and put on tray to your teeth.

2. Take out the plastic battery protector in the mini light. Turn on the mini whitening light for 30-45 minutes whitening process.

3. Remove the trays and rinse moth with lukewarm water. Put the trays into tray case after cleaning by cold water.

4. Take the shade guide to check the new shade guide after whitening.

More Options

We are a manufacturer of teeth whitening products, do private label teeth whitening products wholesale, incoulded(The blue text is the link of the corresponding product, you can directly click on the product you are interested in)


teeth whitening strips, teeth whitening gels, teeth whitening pens, charcoal teeth whitening powder, teeth whitening mouth tray


professional dentists use various office teeth whitening kits or at home teeth whitening kits,


and of course teeth whitening machine.

If you need more products, please click on more wholesale teeth whitening products.


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