Whitening Strips Pen Set Bleach Teeth Whitening Kit

This bleach teeth whitening kit is specially designed for travel and vacation. The packaging is exquisite and occupies a small space. The bleach teeth whitening kit can be conveniently put in your own bag to maintain teeth whitening during vacation.


HP/CP or no peroxide teeth whitening strips14 pcs
HP/CP or no peroxide teeth whitening pen2 ml *1 pc
Manual1 pcs

Product Information

Whitening Strips Pen Set Bleach Teeth Whitening Kit

Teeth whitening strips

1. No slip design, will not fall.

2. Very thin and looks transparent. (Thin and Invisible).

3. Affordable 3D white strips, 360 degree whiten your teeth. 100% safely whiten teeth, no side effects.

4. Each pouch better cover teeth surface (upper 10pcs+lower 10pcs) brings you a smile teeth within 30mins

5. Strict quality control system

6. Ph: 6-7: close hunman oral PH, no sensitivities

Teeth whitening pen

1. Strictly follow American & European standard

2. ACP & AOP ingredients added formula

3. Strict quality control system

4. Gel is with Perfect thickness

5. With PH close to 7

6. Optional flavor: mint, strawberry, lemon


1. With CE & FDA ceritification

2. Quickly whiter yellow teeth, dark teeth, smoker, tea, coffee stains.

3. All the production finished in GMP workshop and packages are strictly disinfected before entering into GMP workshop.

4. Higher quality gel layer, will not fragile when tear the strips

5. Give your teeth a ''whitening mask'' in just 30mins.

6. More directly, more effective, more simple, more convenient for whitening

7. less stimulus for human oral environment

8. Meet different customer's flavor preference

9. Ensures gel highly adhesive on teeth and not easy to flow.

How to use

1st step: Pen- Remove the colored stains on tooth sureface. Remove surface stains on teeth.

2nd step: Strips- 3mm deeply whiten teeth, form a strong protective layer, prevent pigment deposition, release the white teeth.


Double-Effective & deeply reomve stains. Weekly whiter 3-5 shade guide.

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