Natural Teeth Whitening Pen

Natural teeth whitening pen---there is no high concentration of dental bleaching gel to quickly whiten teeth, but it can be used as a professional dental whitening pen to maintain teeth after professional teeth whitening, because it does not stimulate your gums and can maintain the teeth whitening effect. All products on the website support teeth whitening wholesale and private labeling, welcome to inquiry and order.

Product Description

Why do we all love natural teeth whitening pen?

Charcoal teeth whitening powder is loved by many people because it is vegetarian and environmentally friendly, and more importantly, it can whiten our teeth. Many people like charcoal powder to whiten their teeth. But there will be a lot of inconveniences when the charcoal powder whitens the teeth, because it is a powdery structure, so if you don't pay attention to it, you will scatter a lot of places, dirty our combing table, and you need moisture-proof. However, now our natural teeth whitening pen uses charcoal powder as raw material, so he has the advantages of both dental whitening pen and charcoal powder, which is both natural and organic.


Natural teeth whitening pen is made of coconut shell charcoal powder. Coconut shell charcoal powder can see a lot of positive teeth whitening reviews., whether it is social or shopping platform.


Use the teeth whitening pen twice daily, preferably after the consumption of staining foods or beverages. Alternatively, you may use the pen immediately after brushing and flossing twice daily.

Natural Teeth Whitening Pen

Natural teeth whitening pen is instant teeth whitening pen?


Natural teeth whitening pen can effectively whiten teeth, and in the use stage, continue to maintain the whitening effect of teeth, containing coconut shell composition carbon powder, can avoid chemical bleaching allergies to teeth. Of course, this teeth whitening product can also be used temporarily as temporary teeth whitening paint.

Natural Teeth Whitening Pen

What specific specifications and services the natural teeth whitening pen provide?

Private labels can be printed on products and outer packaging

Support for different color customization

Supports 2ML and 4ML doses

Teeth whitening wholesale price


Is there a market space for cheap teeth whitening products?

Natural teeth whitening pen makes up for people on the market who can't use teeth whitening pen because of chemical bleaching ingredients, filling in the gap in the market. It is a very potential teeth whitening gel pen, which can also be called teeth whitening brush pen.


There are a lot of teeth whitening pens on the market, called teeth whitening pencils, teeth whitening sticks, the same usage as teeth whitening pens?


Most products on the market are the same outer packaging, all the same usage

Using Steps

Natural Teeth Whitening Pen

Step 1 Twist the base of the pen clockwise a few turns until you see a small dab of gel deposited on the scrubber tip.

Step 2 Smile wide, clean and dry the teeth, keeping lips away from teeth.

Step 3 Scrub this gel onto the surface of your teeth for 30 seconds. The gel will be activated upon contact with your teeth, and you will see the gel foam slightly, which means that it's actively dissolving the organic stains and bleaching any tooth structure discolored by stains. Keep the gel on the teeth for 10 minutes and then rinse your mouth.

Step 4 Do not rinse the tip of the pen. Clean the residue gel on the tip. Use the pen next time.

Natural Teeth Whitening Pen

The teeth whitening light can be used together

Natural Teeth Whitening Pen

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