Teeth Whitening Gel Twist Pen

Teeth Whitening Gel Twist Pen or brushing whitening gel pens are very popular over-the-counter teeth bleaching products. It utilizes the same peroxide compounds as other at-home teeth whitening systems. Because of its structure, it can whiten teeth with high precision and better results. We support customization of tooth whitening pens and wholesale various whitening gel pens.

Product Details

Teeth Whitening Gel Twist Pen

The whitening gel twist pen uses teeth whitening gel to smear the surface of each tooth, and this gel comes out of the applicator brush of the whitening gel pen. After the application is over, the teeth whitening gel will form a layer of tooth whitening film on the surface of the teeth, which is continuous To whiten teeth, in fact, if used together with an effective teeth whitening light, the effect will be doubled.

Product Specification

Item NameWhitening Gel Pen
BrandBeautiful Smile
Special DesignTwist, Anti leaking, Soft brush up
Pen MaterialPlastic / Aluminum
Pen Volume2ml / 4ml
Flavor of GelFresh Mint
Gel TypeCarbamide Peroxide, Hydrogen Peroxide, Non Peroxide
CP Concentration0.1%-44% Carbamide Peroxide
HP Concentration0.1%-35% Hydrogen  Peroxide
Non PeroxideSodium Bicarbonate / Sodium Phytate/ PAP
Pen ColorWhite, Blue, Pink, Transparent, Silver, Gold, Black, OEM Color
Packaging1 pc per box or customize your own
ServiceOEM is Available, Can print your logo on the pen and customize packaging box
FeatureSafe & Easy to use, High efficiency
Treatment Time30 minutes
CertificateFDA,CE, CPSR, MSDS, SGS, GMP & ISO22716
PaymentWire Transfer, Western Union, Paypal, Trade Assurance, Escrow
Delivery Time5-7 days fast delivery. (DHL, Fedex, EMS,UPS,TNT,Air, Sea).
Our Advantages1. Factory Certified by GMP & ISO 22716
2. Products certified by , CE, CPSR
3. Professional R&D team can support you to develop new products
4. Certified quality control system, the third party inspection is available

Our Service

1. Whitening gel pen supports customization

The outer shell and packaging of the whitening gel pen have a variety of materials, colors, and processing. If you are interested in appearance characteristics, you can directly inquire, and our sales staff will communicate with you in time. At the same time, the gel formula of the whitening gel pen can choose CP, HP, PAP or other formulas. Our experienced formulators will definitely make you satisfied with the effect.


2. Whitening gel pen set combination

General teeth whitening pens form a set box, there will be a different number of teeth whitening pen sets, and they will also form a set box together with the teeth whitening mini lamp, because the use of the teeth whitening light will speed up the whitening process and whiten it effectively. If you have the idea of forming a set of boxes, we will also customize the exquisite outer box according to your requirements, and match it with the combination you want.


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