16 Bulbs USB Teeth Whitening Light

The stylish appearance of the atmosphere, convenient and compact design, has won the popularity of fashion stars. The superior whitening effect and the safe low-temperature cold light technology make people love it. The three connectors cover all the electronic products on the market and are no longer annoying for fitting.

Product Details

16 Bulbs USB Teeth Whitening Light

In use, a gentle microcurrent flows through the whitening gel where hydrogen peroxide is converted to oxygen and acts on the stain.

This ion system can suppress the accumulation of tartar, and oxidation oxidation can also kill bacteria that cause bad breath.


1. Cold light tooth whitening low temperature safety: cold light whitening teeth will not produce heat during the treatment, the use of hydrophilic materials have desensitizing ingredients, so patients in the cold tooth whitening process does not produce irritation and pain, not It is absolutely safe to cause irritation to teeth nerves without causing allergies or tooth damage.

2. Old light whitening teeth fast: cold light whitening treatment time is short, just only fifteen minutes to solve your troubles, immediate, let you see excellent whitening effect.

3. Cold light whitening teeth deep decolorization: not only can remove pigmentation on the surface of the teeth, but also into the deep teeth to achieve the effect of decolorization;

4. With a safe and waterproof function: safe and waterproof, convenient cleaning, safety and health,

5. Easy to use: smart phone plug and play, so that simple, more scientific and technological sense of the product, Apple and Android system are worry-free use, whitening anytime, anywhere.

6. Easy to carry and easy to operate: cold light teeth whitening set the entire process of operation by their own use, easy to use during manipulation. Teeth whitening luminescent instruments are small, exquisite, cute, easy to move, convenient and quick. Allows you to perform whitening care anytime, anywhere, to give you a super enjoyment of the tooth whitening experience.


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