Colorful Mini Teeth Whitening Lamp

Exclusive patented design, 6 LED lights, whitening effect is more prominent, battery life is 1.5-2 times the ordinary whitening light on the market, free silk screen customer logo, increase customer personal brand effect.

Product Details

Colorful Mini Teeth Whitening Lamp

Cold light whitening technology is very safe. It uses low-temperature luminescence to avoid neurological discomfort, no soreness, hydrophilic drugs and whitening processes that do not touch the gums during treatment. It does not cause any damage to teeth and enamel. Full mouth dental exposure shortens the whitening tooth treatment time. It only takes 30 minutes to quickly whiten the teeth

Product Specification

Colorful Mini Teeth Whitening Lamp

● Fixed voltage: DC6V(CR2450 3V *2)

● Light intensity: 2000-3000mcd

● Light:6pcs LED

● Wave length:460-480nm

● Continuous use 48 hours.

● Come with dual mouth tray, more convenient to use

● Exclusive appearance patent design, unique in the market

Colorful Mini Teeth Whitening Lamp

"Whitening teeth" is a complete technological achievement. Combined with the principle of ultra-blue light and special brighteners, the teeth are in direct contact for several minutes, and after several repetitions, the teeth can turn white in a short time. Its special cold light technology can speed up the introduction of brighteners, fully absorb the teeth, enhance the reflex and gloss of teeth, and can quickly clean the stain caused by coffee, tea, smoking, red wine, juice, cola, and age. and many more.


1. After applying the whitening gel, open the whitening LED mini light and place it in the mouth;

2. The blue light emitted by the whitening light will begin to react with the gel and whiten the teeth.

3. The whitening light has a one-time illumination time of 10 minutes. If it takes a long time to illuminate, once it is finished, it can be extended by 10 minutes.


This whitening light for home whitening, convenient and safe.

When using the whitening light for the first time, please open the back battery cover, remove the gasket from the middle of the two button batteries, and reinstall the battery.


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