Mini Teeth Whitening LED Light Private Label

Cold-light tooth whitening is based on high-intensity blue light, which accelerates the activation of hydrogen peroxide through nano-particles and photolysis characteristics, stimulates the rapid decomposition of single-line free oxygen atoms, and causes whitening agents to deposit redox reactions on teeth and deep surfaces to achieve whitening effect.

Product Details

This product emits high-intensity blue light (at a rated working voltage, light intensity ≥600mcd), promote rapid decomposition of peroxide in teeth whitening gel (or whitening tooth paste, etc.), to decompose tartar, pigment and other dental surface layers Material, to achieve a certain degree of teeth whitening effect; products in line with human ergonomics design, lightweight and exquisite; home, business office, travel and other easy to use.

Mini Teeth Whitening LED Light Private Label

Product Advantages

Mini home teeth white light, compact and easy to carry

Unique LED blue light, filter other harmful light source

Product Specification

1. Power supply: 2 button batteries

2. Rated voltage: 6V

3. Blue light wavelength: 460 ~ 470nM

4. Color: Blue


1. After applying the whitening gel, open the whitening light and place it in the mouth;

2. The blue light emitted by the whitening light will begin to react with the gel and whiten the teeth.

3. The whitening light has a one-time lighting time of 10 minutes. If it takes a long time to illuminate, once it is finished, it can be extended by 10 minutes after it is turned on again.

4. This whitening light for home whitening, convenient and safe.

When using the whitening light for the first time, please open the back battery cover, remove the gasket from the middle of the two button batteries, and reinstall the battery.


1. Keep away from children

2. Avoid contact with eyes with whitening glue. If you accidentally touch it, rinse your eyes immediately with clean water.

3 This product is only used to whiten teeth

4. Do not use the battery for a long time.

5. Please read the product instruction manual carefully before using the product;

6. The product lighting is strong, please do not shine on the eyes, so as not to hurt the eyes;

7. The battery is forbidden to soak in water to avoid damage to the battery (overnight) or burst;

8. The battery is not covered by the warranty.


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