Desktop LED Teeth Whitening Lamp

Thank you so much for choosing our desktop Led teeth whitening lamp. It is a multi-purpose, energy-saving, mechatronic product carefully developed by our company in combination with dental clinical experiences. The utility teeth whitening machine model has the advantages of small size, easy to carry, beautiful design, electricity-saving, simple maintenance, safety and durability.

Product Details

The desktop led teeth whitening lamp produces blue light of high strength 430-492nm, which penetrates special optical glass plated with more than 30 layers of theca. All of harmful infrared ray and ultraviolet radiation is eliminated through optical processing, then the blue light accelerates the redox of whitening liquid which mainly includes hydrogen peroxide and silicon dioxide with diameter of 20 nanometers. This process will penetrates dentinal tubules to remove teeth pigment adhered on the surface and deep teeth to reach the whitening results.

Different from other teeth whitening lights, this desktop teeth whitening lamp is used for the department of stomatology in hospital, dental clinic, beauty parlor, school teaching, the unit or personal for whitening teeth, ect.

Desktop LED Teeth Whitening Lamp

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1. Small base size, High efficiency pipe design, easy and convenient for using 

2. Timer presets for bleachine, from 5-30 minutes 

3. Smart temperature protection, when it meets high temperature will shut down power automatically, after cooling,all can work properly

Desktop LED Teeth Whitening Lamp

Technical Data

Wavelength: 460nm~470nm

Output power: Up to 2000 mW/cm

Input power: 100-240V  50/60HZ

LED bulbs power: 3W*4

Desktop LED Teeth Whitening Lamp

Packing List

Desktop LED bleaching system1 unit
Goggle1 pair
Adaptor1 set
Protection sheath6 pieces
User manual book1 piece
Aluminum alloy case1 piece
Carton package1 piece

Desktop LED Teeth Whitening Lamp

Matching Teeth Whitening Kit

Desktop LED Teeth Whitening LampDesktop LED Teeth Whitening Lamp

Quality policy and After-sale service statement

Our desktop LED teeth whitening lamp will be passed through rigorous quality assurance procedures before shipment, but improper usage or modify the products with unqualified spare parts may shorten lifespan of the teeth whitening machine or cause danger to user.


Therefore we recommend you to contact us directly or our authorized distributors if you have any questions to the product. 


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