LED Teeth Whitening Machine

The LED teeth whitening machine can quickly activate hydrogen peroxide and increase the penetration of free oxygen ions on the surface of the tooth, thereby removing the deep staining of the tooth.

Product Details

The LED teeth whitening machine uses the ultra-cold light wavelength to activate the specific whitening agent on the whitening tooth surface to accelerate the decomposition of the whitening agent into free oxygen ions. The oxygen ions penetrate deep into the teeth and are widely combined with the pigment molecules in the discolored teeth to remove the decomposition products The pigment molecules in it promote the whitening of discolored teeth, and the teeth will be naturally white after whitening.

Product Specification

Power supply110/ 220V 50/60Hz 36W
LED life expectancy>50,000hours
Light intensity7000MCD
Number of LED12 blue+ 6 red total
Working modeintelligent timing, from 1 to 60 minutes
Applicable sceneTeeth whitening salon, clinic etc

LED Teeth Whitening Machine

1. The latest LED technology with teeth whitening light machine,giving teeth whitening more care and better result.


2. The up-to-date cool light teeth whitening led machine can convert electric energy into strong light combination.


3. The led tooth whitening device can activate the whitening factor through the dentin tube and oxidize the pigment of the tooth in the shortest time, so that the tooth will change color to white from the inside to the outside.

LED Teeth Whitening Machine


1. Operation with sensor, very smart

2. Smart Switch

3. With remote controller

4. Popular in EU Salon

5. The light temperature during full mouth whitening is low and average

6. Lightweight design, easy to move

7. Sturdy, durable and flexible stretchable gooseneck for curing at different angles

LED Teeth Whitening Machine


1. Exogenous pigment (soak, coffee, cola, etc)

2. Endogenous pigmentation (mild tetracyline tooth, etc.)

3. Fluorinated teeth.

4. Congenital inhomogeneous color and iustre.

5. Suitable for the black and yellow change of the tooth surface.

Professional Teeth Whitening Kit Recommend

LED Teeth Whitening MachineLED Teeth Whitening Machine


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