20:1 Contra Angle Implant Handpiece

20:1 Dedicated professional contra angle implant dental handpiece with stable quality and matched with the motor that meets ISO standards, providing convenience for doctors' treatment.

Product Details

20:1 Contra Angle Implant Handpiece

Dr.Super Low-speed dental implant contra angle handpieces, mainly for dental grinding, model grinding and treatment.


20:1 Reduction Ratio

External Irrigation System

Detachable Contra Head

Push Button To Exchange Burs

No-slip, Highly Durable

For Implant Purpose

Ergonomic Comfort Grip

Long Life-Span

Provides Sufficient Force at Low Speed

Available for Various E-type Motors in Accordance with ISO Standard

Compatible with All E-type Motors. (NSK, Aseptico. W&H, Nouvag Acteon )

Technical Data

Implant contra angle

Bur applicableφ2.345-2.355mm
Max torque55N·cm
Sprayexternal irrigation system



First, use a dental handpiece

1. Need to use a clean, dry, oil-free medical air compressor.

2. The air pressure is between 2.3-2.8kgf / cm2;

3. Combine the quick connector with the adapter on the bottom of the handpiece and confirm that it is locked;

4. Depress the pedal to see if the dental handpiece is operating and the nasal spray is operating normally. If everything works, you can start using your dental handpiece.


Autoclave the handpiece following the manufacturer's guidelines. Be sure to place the bag paper side up in the autoclave. Allow the sterilizer to completely process through the dry cycle. This step is CRITICAL. If still damp after completion of the full sterilization cycle, leave the bagged instruments in the autoclave until the packaging is dry.

Something You Need to Know

External cleaning

(1) Remove the bur from the dental handpiece.

(2) Clean the debris around the outlet with clean water and a brush.

(3) Use a half cup of clean water to soak at 20mm of the head and spin for 15 seconds to remove dirt accumulated inside and outside the head.


Clean water spray

(1) Use through-hole needles to clean spray、inner and outer nozzles to remove dirt and deposits.

(2)Clean the flush pipe inserted in each nozzle with clean water.


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