5 Ring Led Dental Handpiece

Today’s clinician is extremely dependent on the handpiece to sustain a smooth-running practice.In actual operation, due to the problem of the equipment of the dental handpiece itself, it will partially block the visual field, affect the actual operation, and invisibly reduce the therapeutic effect. So to solve this difficult, we have a solution -----5 ring led dental handpiece, create a shadowless led ring light, make every doctor who use 5 ring led dental handpiece could have a clearly mouth view.

Product Description

Dr Super new 5 ring led dental handpiece coming with high-end technology for excellent preparation results.For the better treatment of dentists, we have broken through the barriers of equipment through technological innovation, and launched a 5 ring led dental handpiece line, so that the dentist's vision in the mouth is no longer blocked.

Product Specifications

Air Pressure0.22(Mpa)-0.25(Mpa)( 0.22Mpa recommended )
Rotor Speed350(krpm)-400 (krpm)
Water flow90(min/ml)-110(min/ml)
Water pressure0.2(Mpa)-0.23(Mpa)
Chuck typePush button chuck  
Spray5 spot Spray
Bur applicableΦ1.595-1.600mm


5 led light ring ------------ Special design of the ring led light ring to form a shadowless lamp, get a shadowless illumination operation without visual field block.


Ergonomic design ------------ Due to the large number of patients receiving dental treatment every day, any slight discomfort, long-term accumulation will be particularly serious for the dentist.Also a comfortable dental handpiece is essential for improving the work efficiency of doctors who have been operating with dental handpieces.


LED light illumination ------------ 5 ring led dental handpiece provides a light source that is continuously stable and suitable for the eyes, and the working air pressure adjustment does not cause damage to the bulb, and it is subjected to daily normal disinfection.


Value for money ------------ Without the added value of big brands, we have produced 5 ring led dental handpiece in a responsible attitude towards consumers. High quality 5 ring led dental handpiece with the latest dental handpiece technology, only less than one-twentieth of the price of a big brand.


Prolonging Handpiece Life Through Proper Use and Maintenance

Much can be done to prolong 5 ring led dental handpiece life by under-standing the importance of variables that can be controlled within the practice and by understanding and adhering to some basic 5 ring led dental handpiece maintenance.


1. Prior to removing the 5 ring led dental handpiece from the air line,flushing water through the 5 ring led dental handpiece in the operatory for 30 seconds to remove potential contaminants from the internal water line. 

2. Drying the 5 ring led dental handpiece, excess moisture during maintenance can cause internal corrosion. 

3. Use the proper lubricat-ing tip to spray oil into the drive air line; spray until oil comes out of the handpiece head, to ensure that the lubricant has penetrated to the bearings. 

4. After lubrication, it is important to run the handpiece to evenly distribute oil through the bearings and chuck mecha-nism and to expel excess oil to prevent coagulation during autoclaving.


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