4 Water Spray Fiber Optic Dental Handpiece

4 water spray fiber optic dental handpiece high-end spray configuration, quick connector safe and easy to prevent infection, imported optical fiber catheter to reduce light loss, high-end configuration, it is worth having.

Product Description

4 Water Spray Fiber Optic Dental Handpiece

----With quick-connect design, a key plug, easy installation and disinfection. The user's experience can not be better.

----Stainless steel push button with clear thread, avoid bur dropping

----Original bearing from Japan nsk, high tensile ceramic material and wear resisting

----Quick-connector bulbs for easy installation, an extra bulb accessory for extended life

----4-pot water spray better cooling effect, so that the patient is no longer uncomfortable

----Imported good fiber optic, good ductility

----Cartridge consist of dust cover, avoid cross injection and extend lifespan of the 4 water spray fiber optic dental handpiece

Technical Data

Operation Air Pressure0.25-0.30MPa(0.25MPa preferred)
Rotor Speed≥350(krpm)for Standard head; ≥280 (krpm) for torque head
Grip Power25-45N
Water Pressure0.2Mpa (2Kgf)
Water flow90(min/ml)-110(min/ml)
LED Luminous Intensity≥16000LUX
Spray4 water spray

Standard Features

1. Closed cartridge protect of bearing and extend lifespan

2. Anti-retraction function design, protect patients from cross infection, extend lifespan for 4 water spray fiber optic dental handpiece 

3. 135℃ autoclavable for the handpiece

4. Imported bearings, excellent internal quality and structure, resulting in outstanding performance

5. a swivel connector facilitate the removal of 4 water spray fiber optic dental handpiece for daily lubrication


1. Clean Fiber-Optic Surfaces: Alcohol and a Q-tip may be used to remove excess oil and debris from all fiber-optic surfaces, which will prevent buildup and discoloration.

2. Bag 4 Water Spray Fiber Optic Dental Handpiece: Recommend bagging all instruments and handpieces to maintain sterility. A paper/plastic combination bag allows steam to evaporate through the paper side while the contents remain readily identifiable.

3. Sterilize: Autoclave the 4 water spray fiber optic dental handpiece following the manufacturer's guidelines. Be sure to place the bag paper side up in the autoclave. Allow the sterilizer to completely process through the dry cycle. This step is CRITICAL. If still damp after completion of the full sterilization cycle, leave the bagged instruments in the autoclave until the packaging is dry.

Operating Principle

1. Air rotates the turbine at the head (front) of the 4 water spray fiber optic dental handpiece.The turbine consists of two miniature bearings, an impeller and a spindle/chuck assembly for fixing the drill. 

2. Air is introduced into the handpiece through the foot pedal of the chair unit. The air flow connected to the back end of the handpiece passes through the handpiece casing and then enters the head of the handpiece. The force is forced through the turbine wheel at the head of the handpiece, causing the turbine to rotate.

3. After the air moves around the turbine wheel, it is forced out of the head and moves downwards through the housing of the 4 water spray fiber optic dental handpiece and through the rear exhaust port of the handpiece.

After-sale Warranty

1 year free warranty for the handpiece, 6 month for the cartridge and 3 month for the bearing.


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