45° LED Dental Turbine Handpiece

The 45° LED dental turbine handpiece generator integrated LED has excellent internal generator integrated structure and LED strong light, which is indispensable for practical work of dental medical personnel. High quality product quality guarantees long life and good cost performance.

Product Details

The Dr.Super 45° LED dental turbine handpiece

---The angle between the head and the handle is 45 degrees, which is conducive to the cutting of the patient's posterior teeth. The water spray method is water jet and sprays directly to the dental drill instead of spraying to the oral cavity tissue. It effectively prevents subcutaneous emphysema.


45° LED Dental Turbine Handpiece

----Illumination intensity reaches 20000 Lux, expand the visible area in the mouth, reduce the difficulty of medical staff

----Only one cooling hole, the handpiece head without air, effectively prevent the emphysema

----Lightweight, comfortable, ergonomic handles make it easier for medical staff to operate

----Button design for easy bur replacement

Technical Data

Operation Air Pressure0.25-0.30MPa(0.25MPa preferred)
Rotor Speed≥350(krpm)for Standard head; ≥280 (krpm) for torque head
Grip Power25-45N
Water Pressure0.2Mpa (2Kgf)
Water flow90(min/ml)-110(min/ml)
LED Luminous Intensity≥20000LUX
SpraySingle spray

Using Steps

1. The compressed air of the driving pressure of the turbine must be dry and clean, and the pressure is adjusted to the manufacturer's pressure, otherwise, the pressure is too low, the handpieces rotates powerless, the pressure is too high to speed up the wear of the handpieces bearing.

2. The correct loading and unloading truck bur must be carried out in the state of full opening of the clamp spring to avoid damage to the clamp shaft.

3. The diameter of the bur shank is very strict when using the qualified bur handpiece clamp shaft, and must be between 1.59mm-1.60mm.

4. The handpieces must hold a qualified bur before ventilation to avoid damage to the spring rotating at high speed in a relaxed state.

Bearing Maintenance

Bearing damage ---- Bearing is an important part of the head, reducing bearing wear can extend the life

1. When the bur is blunt, the grinding efficiency is reduced, and new burs must be replaced in time, otherwise the bearing life will be affected.

2. When the number of patients is high and the patient's enamel is too hard, the holes for various types of burs should be properly used. When the drill is used, it is preferable to use a translational rotary motion. Do not fix it at a point.

3. When the bur is initially moved and the rotational speed has not yet reached the maximum speed, the teeth are drilled so that the bearing is subjected to excessive force. Should make the bur rotation speed reach the maximum rotation speed, then touch the tooth body to drill.

4. Turbine bearing swing, gasket deformation, replacement gasket


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